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There are these wonderful little lily pads and I keep jumping from one to another. He makes me laugh the most of anyone in the entire world. There was a moment on the set of Pacific Rim when he had me laughing so hard, hysterical laughter, that I had a dizzy spell. His character killed off near the end of the sixth season. The fact that Clay made it to the end of season six was a surprise. The show has been a hit, controversial for its depiction of violence, guns, drugs, race and a variety of topics. But it has been a particular hit with a key demographic: the world that it depicts.

One of the things he said was that Clay had gotten the club and his life in Charming exactly the way he wanted them. Perlman has played a wide variety of characters over a long career—many of them under heavy prosthetic makeup—but none of them have taken him as far from himself as Clay. Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

That ambiguity is incredibly attractive.

Clay only sees things one way: His way. And Clay has no sense of humor about himself. This guy is as serious as a heart attack. I can never take anything for granted about this guy. It challenges me to my core. Perlman admits that, prior to playing this hard-charging biker boss, he had never ridden a motorcycle—nor had he ever had the desire to. I never really found my comfort zone on a bike. I gave it my all and I think I did a good job. But I never crossed that threshold where you learn something and then find a passion for it. That never quite happened for me.

He has a daughter, 28, and a son, I share my opinion freely with them: that, while an impulse is strong at the moment, it will turn into something completely different by tomorrow. You can end up with a compendium of artwork on your body that might have been a good idea at the time, but which is no longer relevant. That kind of film is struggling, he believes, because of the increasing corporatization of the movie industry and American society in general.

Sure, there was General Electric and U. Steel, but the mom-and-pop businesses took care of the rest of the needs of the community. Now there is this voracious, insatiable need for corporations to outdo themselves in terms of the numbers they put up. So medium-sized companies buy smaller companies and become bigger companies. Eventually, there are going to be about eight corporations that own everything in the entire universe. But Perlman will also include his uniquely self-deprecating wit. When you talk to him, he has very clear ideas about many things.

With the book, he wants to make people understand that, even with the fallow periods he lived through, his career has been a constant source of surprise for him. Things continue to come in, almost in spite of myself. Follow him on Twitter hollywoodnfine. Search our database of more than 17, cigar tasting notes by score, brand, price range, country, size, year and more. The first post went up just before 11 a.

Specifications Publisher Lyons Press. Customer Reviews. Write a review. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. Cancel Submit. Sharpe is a wee bit peeved at this stage as Ducos has just busted up his prize telescope, a gift from Wellington for saving his life, in return for the broken glasses.

Resourceful even under duress, our Sharpie uses the broken bit of telescope to saw through his ropes and mangle the guards who were holding him, going straight for the groin on the guard who had been looking at him like he was dessert. In the book Siege, Ducos manages to snare Sharpe in his trap, but Sharpe escapes, and discovers he was bait to trap Ducos all along. Sharpe is not a happy man and takes out his anger on those he feels have betrayed him. Sharpe is next set up by Ducos in Revenge , being charged with stealing the Emperor's jewels, which Ducos himself has made off with, down to Naples.

Frederickson manages to find Ducos via his repeated orders for new spectacles and the lads take off for Naples, though things are a bit strained between Sharpe and Frederickson. Ducos has hired the local Cardinal's army and a few mercenaries, but it's not enough to stop Sharpe, his mates and a handful of Calvet's men. They storm the house, see off the mercenaries and scatter the Cardinal's troops with a few pennies from heaven. Sharpe shoots Ducos off his horse, but it's never entirely clear whether the bastard is really dead this time as he appeared to have bought it in the TV version of Honour , but apparently not.

He never approved of Sharpe's having been risen from the ranks, but manages to be polite when he meets Lt. Colonel Sharpe during the battle of Waterloo. Dunnett had sat out the Peninsular war as a POW, and thus finds his former Lieutenant now outranks him. Disapproving of the up from the ranks Sharpe, he sends them to scout ahead just before his company is attacked by French cavalry and he is killed by a saber slash and dies on the spot.

He comes to see Wellington and proposes trading 52 deserters for 50 Baker rifles. In his mountain caves he has a horde of Aztec gold and practices human sacrifice upon his hapless victims. He spears Ayres who dies instantly and is chased into the treasure rooms of his caves as he fights and wounds Sharpe and is finally shot and killed by Harper. He helps Sharpe maintain order and discipline with the Irish troops by demonstrating that all deserters will have their bollocks cut off.

When Juanita tries to interfere in the duel between Sharpe and Loup, Harper shoots her off her horse. In the TV version she is killed by Kiely for her treachery. Under orders from Ducos , Matarife kidnaps Helene and hands her over to the church, then lies about her whereabouts to Sharpe. Farthingdale disapproves of the choice of Sharpe for the mission, but he has no choice as Sharpe is now a Major. Sharpe takes over command for the price of his silence. Sharpe wants her more than the Eagle he promised Lennox , so when Christian treats Josefina with cruelty, Sharpe takes his oppurtunity to play hero.

He really can't afford to keep her though, and must borrow money from Hogan in the book, Leroy on TV. Sharpe gets his eagle, but Josefina moves on to greener pastures. Josefina turns out to be Sir Augustus' kidnapped wife Sharpe has been sent to rescue from the clutches of the deserters, and Josefina turns on her best temptress act as a reward, in spite of the fact that Sharpe is now married to Teresa.

Sharpe discovers Josefina is not really married to Sir Augustus, merely hired to pose as his wife. Sharpe uses this knowledge to blackmail Fartingdale in allowing Sharpe to take command. The plan backfires when Lady Anne decides to use Sharpe against Fenner. Fenner has been skimming the books in a big way, transferring men and stores in and out of battalions secretly and taking hefty kickbacks for his trouble. When Sharpe finds out what Fenner is up to, he means to stop him, but not if Fenner can kill or disgrace Sharpe first. Lady Anne manages to find the missing ledgers containing records of all the illegal transactions, saving Sharpe and blackmailing Fenner.

Fenner resigns, now unable to afford his public office. So of course Hakeswill hates him and decides to teach Fitzgerald a lesson. Which he does, luring Fitzgerald to his death during the siege of Mysore. When I get back to London I'm going to have a complete set made. Older and grittier than Sharpe , Frederickson commands the Royal American Rifles, a unit raised in America and left over from the Revolutionary war, with only one actual American, Thomas Taylor , left among their ranks.

Sharpe laughs that Frederickson doesn't care in Enemy , and in truth, the only thing he does care about is getting the job done, often betraying his ruthless German origins, and his love of architecture, showing Frederickson as a man of higher learning. Frederickson respects Sharpe and considers him a good friend, one worth fighting for, until Sharpe does him the diservice of bedding Lucille , upon whom Frederickson was sweet on. Wellington had allowed deserving Sergeants to become officers with the Portuguese because they were desperately needing in training.

Tom survives Sharpe blowing up the fort of Almeida to meet him again in Battle, Tom's Portuguese soldiers having been sent there to reinforce and mind the Irish. Tom sacrifices his life to save Sharpe's during an attack by Loup , lighting a wagon of gunpowder to serve as a distraction. Sharpe finds Tom had still kept his one of the tin tinderboxes they had bought in Mysore together, just about the only thing left after the explosion. Christian is a nasty piece of work and his first meeting with Sharpe nearly ends in a duel. Sharpe takes Josefina away from Christian, and Christian returns the favour by attempting to rape Josefina.

Christian finds Sharpe on the battlefield first and nearly succeeds in killing him if not for the timely intervention of Patrick. He carries the portrait with him for a long while, and even showed it to Teresa in the book versions of Gold and Company. Sharpe did not meet Jane until , while in England on some business, and he held the image of her dear until he meets her again in Regiment. Jane is as beautiful as he remembered and when Jane agrees to help him, Sharpe cannot believe that his feelings might be returned. Jane's image has been an ideal for him, she came to represent what he was fighting for, she represented England, and her acceptance and fledgling crush on the dashing officer meant a lot to Sharpe's self image and self esteem.

She was everything he aspired to in a wife; rich, genteel, educated. The complete opposite to the dark and fiery Teresa. Sharpe elopes with Jane, to Patrick's despair, to save her from the punishment she expects from her Uncle, Simmerson , in regards to her conspiring to help Sharpe against her Uncle. Jane follows Sharpe to Spain and manages to charm Patrick and Ramona , who employs herself as Jane's maid.

Sharpe is very much in love with his wife, and frets for her all through Siege , thinking she has caught a fever from Hogan whom she had visited before he died. In the films Sharpe must also enlist the help of Harris to see off the unwelcome advances of would be poet Percy Shellington. Sharpe doesn't entirely trust Jane in the fidelity department, probably because he's no great shakes there himself.

Jane soon finds army life not to her taste, and frets that her husband will be more of a social millstone than a lift when she returns to England. Thus is does not take too much convincing for her to find an excuse to leave Sharpe and abscond back to England with all his money, which is quickly frittered away by her fair weather friend and inveterate gambler Rossendale. It doesn't take much convincing from Rossendale to get her into bed, either.

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In Justice , Sharpe returns to England to find his career shafted thanks to Rossendale, and Jane bitterly uses Rossendale's influence to threaten Sharpe away from trying to claim his money. Sharpe now only wants his money back, to help with Lucille's farm, as Jane's parting words firmly bury their relationship. Now only hate an enmity lie between them. Lucille sees Jane at the Ball in Brussels the evening before the battle of Waterloo and warns Sharpe of the hate in Jane's eyes.

Lucille is worried, knowing that Jane would, and indeed has, asked Rossendale to kill Sharpe after the cover of battle, and thus preserve her stolen fortune and allow her to marry her titled lover. Sharpe, finding Jane and Rossendale at the ball, threatens Rossendale at the point of a sword for his money. One abortive duel in the forest later finds Sharpe with a promissory note in exchange for Jane. Sharpe has crudely explained to Rossendale that he has sold his wife to him. The note is worthless, however, as Rossendale, an untried soldier, dies on the field, leaving Jane with little money, no title, no friends and with child.

Of fastidious appearance, including a tarred moustache.

A coward, equally terrified of Irish and dogs. Girdwood had been attacked by a dog as a child, and by Irish on his one and only field command. Saved from disgrace by his friend and patron Simmerson , Girdwood is set up as commander of Foulness, the secret army camp in Essex. Arrested by Sharpe at Foulness, Girdwood reluctantly accompanies the Regiment to Spain, with Sharpe acting as the real commander.

Gudin quite likes Sharpe , recognising him as a good soldier, and is happy to have Sharpe join the European soldiers fighting for the Tippoo within Mysore. He is quite disappointed when he has to arrest Sharpe for spying. He later meets Sharpe in Spain, never having progressed in his career after Seringampatam, and Sharpe, still ranking Gudin as the best Colonel he has ever served under, gives the French a victory.

He involves himself in Ducos' scheme for the money and the political influence should the King of Spain return. Name: Daniel Hagman Occupation: Formerly a poacher, now a rifleman. Able to shoot wee bunnies at night over quite a distance, Hagman finds it no trouble pop off the odd Frog.

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Hagman is also the team musician, able to adapt a popular folk or marching tune for any occasion. Quietly the morale officer of the Chosen Men, Hagman dispenses sage advice as well as paraffin oil and best brown paper to keep tings running smoothly. Hagman survives all the battles until the last one, at Waterloo. Name: Obidiah Hakeswill Occupation: A liar, a thief, a rapist and a murderer. Hakeswill is Sharpe's nightmarish nemesis, haunting our lad from India until he turns up again in Spain. It was Hakeswill who got Sharpe flogged in India. Hakeswill's main goal in life seems to be to cause Sharpe as much misery and grief as possible.

Why, it is never really explained. Having succeeded in having Sharpe flogged once, Hakeswill betrays Sharpe to the Tippo and causes him to be flogged again. Sharpe is really shaken when Hakeswill shows up in Spain, the harbinger of a run of bad luck that starts when he loses Lawford to a war wound and ends when he loses his wife Teresa to Hakeswill's bullet. It is Sharpe in the book who administers the final bullet that ends Hakeswill's miserable life. Hakeswill is a complete psychopath who failed to be properly hung at age 12 for raping the Vicar's daughter. He escaped into the army where he later recruited a young 16 year old Sharpe, and proceeded to make life hell for the boy.

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Hakeswill's main distinguishing features are a hanging scar upon his neck, from which he claims he cannot die, a severe twitch and facial tick, probably as a result of the botched hanging, cruel yet childlike blue eyes and a tendency to talk to his mother out loud a lot. The Prince bestows upon Sharpe a promotion to Brevet Major and when Sharpe arrives in London, he is summoned to an audience with the Prince.

The Prince by this stage now imagines himself having fought alongside Sharpe at Talavera, and Sharpe realises he has an influential, but ineffectual patron. The name stuck. Hardy has been sent to fetch the Spanish gold, but upon his non return, Sharpe is sent out to rescue his romantic rival.

Sharpe finds Hardy dead, having been murdered by the partisans. Patrick, one son of a large and poor family, joined the British army as a way out of poverty. We'd be free in a week. In the films Patrick takes the traditional brunette role in the partnership. After a fierce almost courtship ritual as described in Rifles , Harper becomes Sharpe's best friend, loyal companion, protector and champion. Patrick declares his intention to look after Sharpe within the book Rifles, and his diligence to this promise can be seen to most touching effect when Patrick searches the dead and dying for a wounded Sharpe in Sword.

Patrick then makes the wounded Sharpe a new sword, to replace his broken one, forging it with all the love in his heart, in a wonderful excursion into grail lore Harper believes Sharpe will recover if he can see he has a new sword. Harper remains a lifelong friend to Sharpe, and not even the end of the war can separate them, as they reunite for one last adventure in Devil. After the siege, Ramona decides to stay with Patrick, even though he speaks no Spanish and she speaks no English.

They become lovers and she bears him a son. In the books, Patrick names his first born Richard. On TV the child is delivered by the chosen men while Harper is off adventuring with Sharpe , and Ramona names the poor child after all the midwives. Harper is not keen to marry Ramona, however. On screen, he is tricked into wedlock by Father Curtis.

In the books, Harper is given permission to marry by Leroy in Honour. Ramona accompanies Harper throughout the war, looking after her son, her man, and his best friend. After the war, Patrick has quite a bit of trouble getting Ramona back to Ireland, as only official wives, those on company strength, were allowed to return. Many Spanish and Portuguese wives were abandoned at the docks. Patrick and Ramona manage to get to Dublin, and though Patrick had intended to return to Donegal, he gets no further than Dublin, where he uses his fortune to buy a pub. Ramona gives him several more children and seems happy, except when her man is drawn away to go off adventuring with "him", Sharpe.

Name: Harris no first name ever given Occupation: Formerly a teacher, now serving as a Rifleman as a result of some bad debts. Able to translate French book codes, especially if they're based on Voltaire and considers it a good score if a dead Frog has books in his pack. Harris does not approve of the plan to rescue McCandless , but agrees to it, mainly because Sharpe manages to convince him it could work.

Havercamp is a showman of the snake oil variety. He unknowingly recruits Sharpe and Harper while claiming to be personally aquainted with the heroes. Colourful, Irish and theatrical, Hogan, ostensibly an Engineer, also work as an exploring officer and spymaster for Wellington, gathering information as he and his spies scouted ahead for the army and conducted liason with the partisans. Hogan recruited Sharpe instantly to his little spy family, convincing Wellington to send Sharpe off on dangerous missions and indeed even pimping Sharpe as need be.

The role was taken over by other spymaster Majors in the series, but in the books Hogan remains one of Sharpe's greatest supporters and friends until his death due to fever in Sharpe's Siege book. It is through his machinations that Sharpe meets Teresa , and even Jane , after a fashion. Hogan genuinely cared for Sharpe and tried to keep him out of trouble as much as he dumped him into it, best illustrated in Sharpe's two adventures with Helene and in Battle Book.

When Sharpe runs off with both the gold and Teresa, Jovellanos follows Sharpe to Almeida where they circle around each other until they finally duel in the church bell tower. Once a working girl, Maggie has made something of herself and now runs Bennet's place, a dubious establishment in the London slums. Kearsey has gone a bit native and believes the noble Spanish partisans are more deserving of the gold than the British, in spite of his orders.


He actively hampers Sharpe being able to collect and transport the gold back to British lines. Kearsey is killed during the siege of Almeida. Now a deserter, he finds raping and pillaging not to his taste so he helps Sharpe capture the deserters and dies bravely as a newly re-instated corporal.

Untried in battle, Kiely has definite ideas about heroism and seems to have a death wish, engaging a French calvary officer in single combat. He resents Sharpe's experience and advice, and becomes too involved in his mistress, Dona Juanita de Elia , to notice the dissension within his ranks due to anti-British propaganda.

In the book, betrayed and humiliated Kiely blows his brains out. In the TV version, Kiely betrays Sharpe in order to save his wife , and yet dies in the rescue attempt in any case. She begs Sharpe to intervene on her behalf regarding her husband's indiscretions, but Sharpe gently refuses her offer of payment for the favour. Lady Kiely proves to be made of sterner stuff than her husband, having already survived the loss of a child, she now helps fight against the French, survives abduction by Loup and then reluctantly assumes the mantle of widowhood.

It was battered, beaten by winds and seas and scarred by blades and scorched by powder-blasts, but still a handsome face; enough to make the girls look twice. They have an excellent working relationship, one that Sharpe misses when Knowles is transferred. They remain friends and Knowles gives his life for Sharpe's family.

He is the first to reach the Moreno house in Badajoz and is killed by Hakeswill while trying to protect Teresa and the baby. Her attentions to Sharpe and his assuming responsibility for her safety causes hostility between himself, Gibbons and Gibbon's friend Lieutenant Berry. In the books, Josefina is a high-dollar courtesan, rescued from mistreatment by Gibbons and Berry and only too happy to repay Sharpe with her favors. She is found hiding in the woods by Sharpe and taken back to camp to be cared for by Ramona. Lass will not leave Sharpe's side and insists on sleeping with him, and finds herself unable to resist the temptation to touch his naked shoulder while he's trying to sleep.

When Sharpe is shot, Curtis decides it is Lass who should tend the rifleman, which she does with Ramona's help, removing the musket ball and stitching up the wounds. She stays with Richard throughout his fever and when the fever finally breaks she speaks for the first time. Richard keeps his promise to Father Curtis however and returns her to the church in exchange for Curtis arranging a marriage for Harper and Ramona. He is a kindly man, tortured by his conscience for the smallest of sins.

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Lassan had turned his quarters in the fort into a library, but all his precious books were burnt for warmth or used for personal hygiene purposes when the British captured the fort. Lassan takes the loss of the fort hard, and Ducos exercises his spite by making poor Lassan the fall guy, along with Sharpe, in his next plot. Lassan is stated to be the only living witness to Sharpe's crime, but when Frederickson demands that Lassan appear in person to give his testimony, Lassan is murdered by Ducos men to preserve his silence. Lassan's body is mutilated by the removal of two fingers to explain why his written statement was illegible, and the murder is set up so that Sharpe will get the blame.

Lucille certainly believes in Sharpe's guilt and shoots him in revenge for her brother the first chance she gets. Patrick is tall like his father, with his mother's dark, thin face. Choosing the French Calvary over the British Rifles and breaking his father's heart in the process , he became an officer cadet at St Cyr in , Patrick has served in the Crimea and Austrian wars, amongst others, as a advisor to the American Confederate Army and though very handsome and charming, and very much the rogue, his face shows the marks of these wars.

He has a scar from a Russian sabre on his right cheek, a scar where an Austrian rifle bullet broke his left jaw and a Cossack bullet took out his left eye. Nevertheless the adventurous Lassan is never short of female companionship, though his father disagreed with his taste in women. Except Sharpe likes his superior officer very much, and the feeling is quite mutual. Complete opposites, they forged a friendship that surpassed rank and class while stuck together in adversity in India on a mission to rescue Lawford's uncle, Hector McCandless.

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  8. Sharpe kept Lawford alive and Lawford taught Sharpe how to read and write, using only one page of the bible while in the dungeons of the Tippoo. Sharpe feels that he owes Lawford a debt of honour and gratitude for teaching him to write his own name. Lawford, recognising Sharpe as the superior soldier, wants to see his friend do well, and is always trying to help in some small way. Lawford loses an arm during the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, it was Sharpe himself who hacked it off to save Lawford's life.

    Review - The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter 3 | ForWhiskeyLovers

    Lawford was repatriated back to England and Sharpe lost an influential patron. Sharpe did not see Lawford again until he became embroiled in Fenner's crimping operation in Sharpe's Regiment. Again, with a mind to his own political future, Lawford tried to extricate Richard as gently from the situation as he thought he could.

    Sharpe could not help feeling a sense of betrayal, however, as Lawford's backroom deals nearly backfired as Fenner decided to dispense with Sharpe more cheaply than Lawford's suggestion of an overseas posting. He never considered that Sharpe's loyalty to the soldiers of the South Essex would never allow him to abandon his regiment. Lebecque has another try for the fortune after Waterloo, thinking Sharpe must have squirreled away at least some of the gold. Watch my flank Sharpe. Dying in disgrace, Lennox asks Sharpe to get him a French Eagle, to wipe away the stain.

    Supposedly the brother of Helene , in the film Leroux appears dark and swarthy. In both he is a spy, and a cruel one at that. Leroux has a nasty reputation for torturing his victims by peeling their skin off and it is by this method that Leroux broke Jack Spears. In the film Spears says Leroux saved his life by deciding to cut his arm off at the last moment, before Spears could die of his injuries. In the book, Leroux fires the shot that nearly kills Sharpe, and certainly sends him down to the dying room, so serious is the gunshot wound to his stomach. Harper finds Sharpe and helps Lass and Ramona nurse him back to health.

    Sharpe, still healing from his wounds, finally catches up with Leroux after a great chase across the battlefield in the book, by calling him out in the film , and challenges him to a duel. Sharpe wins the Kliegenthal sword he has coveted, but, for all it's fine craftsmanship, it is nothing compared to the crude sword Harper has made for him out of love.

    So, following a fine Celtic tradition, Sharpe throws the Kliegenthal sword into the river. Leroy's family made their fortune in cotton, slaves and molasses, but lost it all by choosing the British side during the revolutionary war. Leroy is now a political refugee and serves in the South Essex, his only home. As an American, Leroy is expected to be more egalitarian than the other officers in the South Essex, and indeed, he is more respectful to Sharpe than most.

    Lennox also accredited Leroy with being one of the few good officers in the South Essex when it first arrived in Spain. Leroy was horribly scarred in the siege of Badajoz and had to wear a glove on one hand afterwards to cover the disfigurement.