Hope For A Global Ethic

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Long distinguished as the architect of political theology and father of the theology of hope, Moltmann has shown how hope in the future decisively reconfigures the present and shapes our understanding of central Christian convictions, from creation to New Creation. Now, in an era of unprecedented scientific advances alongside unparalleled global dangers, Moltmann has formulated his long-awaited Ethics of Hope.

Building on his conviction that Christian existence and social matters are inextricably tied together in the political sphere, Moltmann unfolds his ethics in light of eschatology, clearly distinguishing it from prior and competing visions of Christian ethics.

In the process, he applies this framework to concrete issues of medical ethics, ecological ethics, and just-war ethics. Skip to main content. Ethics of Hope. Buy Now Amazon. Request a Review , Exam , or Desk copy. Request a Review copy Please select a version: Digital Digital copies are fulfulled via Edelweiss, an external trusted partner. Request an Exam copy Please select a version: Digital Digital copies are fulfulled via Edelweiss, an external trusted partner. Request an Desk copy Please select a version: Digital Digital copies are fulfulled via Edelweiss, an external trusted partner.

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