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She rose her eyebrow up at her friend "You're too chicken to admit you have feelings for him. I can see why. I mean, you're already scared of what the future is going to bring for you and you don't want to add anymore uncertainty by being in a relationship with him. You want to play safe and keep things as friends". With a groan, Ana sunk further between the two bleaches. She rested her heavy head filled with thoughts and uncertainty on her arms that were wrapped around her curled up knees. Her head was starting to hurt with thinking it over and over. Did I make the right decision? Do I want to be just friends with Christian?

Why am I so scared to be with him? She knew the answers to each of those questions, but like Kate said, she was too chicken to admit it. Life was simpler when she didn't concern herself with boys, way back in the day when her only concerns were what book she was going to read next. Sure, she had crushes on boys but they never liked her back. If they did, they never let her know or even showed it. They were always too busy going after the Mary's and Sue's of the school.

The girls who were blessed with D-cups in eighth grade and walked around flaunting it. Ana didn't mind. She never cared about boys that much. Not until Christian had to come along…. Not only had he got her pregnant, which everyone could agree was a terribly unsettling thing for a young girl to go through, but he also had to make her fall for him. He couldn't be a douche who left her the moment he found out. He couldn't sleep around the whole school. He couldn't ignore her and want nothing to do with her. No, he had to support her.

To care for her.

Exploring the Great Ocean Road?

To show her that deep down he had a huge heart that he kept secured behind cold iron bars. I swear, him and Elliot are the only boys I hear them talking about". Ana was reminded of the cute red head that approached him at the Shake 'n' Grill on Friday night. There were probably hundreds of those pretty girls approaching him. Girls who looked as if they belonged on a stage wearing a tiara and dazzling their perfect smile. Girls that Ana could never truly compete with. If he wanted, he could have his pick of the lot, and what was to stop that from happening.

At least she found this situation amusing. She nudged Ana and said "C'mon, you need to share the details. What kind of kiss are we talking about? The bed? I read somewhere that pregnant women get really horny and have heaps of sex! Oh my god, you totally had sex. Look at how much you're blushing! It took Ana a moment to register the gesture she was making, but once she did, her face came alight with blush.

We started talking and then he tickled me-". Not like a little kiss either, it was a big kiss. Then he picked me up and…that's when his mother walked in". She is a really nice woman". She is a sweet woman. You should have seen how eager she was to help.

She asked to come to the doctors and find Christian's old crib to give to the baby. She even wants me to come over for dinner, though I don't know if Christian would want that now…". She blinked up to her friend "I always thought that I would do whatever Christian wanted to do about it. I was waiting for him to give me a final answer because I could never come up with one on my own". It's my baby. It's a part of me. I don't think I could carry him or her for nine months and then hand them over to someone else to love. I wouldn't be able to move on with my life and just forget them".

They would be successful and already lived a full life. They would be ready to have kids. They could take them to Disneyland every year and have a beautiful home in the suburbs" She continued "They could give them a life that I can't. Not right now, anyway".

Michael McIntyre's Big Show (unexpected star)

The reality is that most kids will end up in the system. They are going to go from foster home to foster home, and you don't know what those homes will be like". Kate blinked up to her friend. Ana could see the sadness in her eyes. She slowly shook her head and sighed "He has trouble staying on task. You could tell him to do something ten times, and he won't register it by the eleventh time.

It frustrates people. It frustrates me. His foster parents didn't know how to take care of a kid like him. They thought he was acting out on purpose. When verbal punishment and time outs didn't work, they resulted to other things". She fell in love with him the moment she saw him.

They tried to adopt him there on the spot, but he stayed in the system for another year and was sent to two different homes. He says that the first home were nice people, but they didn't know how to deal with a kid like him so they sent him away. The second home cared more about getting their welfare check than anything". Ana's hand found its way to her stomach. She could feel the small bump that was starting to stick out. It felt like her stomach had been pumped with air and was never coming down, no matter how tightly she sucked in.

That circular bump was where her little baby was growing and staying safe.

An Unexpected Night

Hearing the talk of Elliot's past lit a fiery protectiveness inside of her. She would never let anything like that happen to this baby. All she had wanted for the baby since she found out she was pregnant was for them to have the best chance in life. She was the reason the child would be born at a disadvantage, so it was only fair for her to try and give them the best.

As she thought about it, she realized that she felt protective over the baby. It was the first time in three months since finding out she was pregnant that she felt like…well…a mother.

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  • All I am saying is that you shouldn't expect it to all be rainbows and happiness". Christian carried the two white plates with freshly made burgers and milkshakes across the diner floor. It was especially busy for a Wednesday night with school kids entering and leaving in packs of four and five. They crowded around the booths and tables, squealing and yelling out to each other in excitement.

    A group of guys were tossing around the salt packets at their friends. One hit Christian in the back and he had to resist the urge to turn around and throw the milkshake on the sixteen year old douche-bag. He wasn't sure how it was possible, but he hated it more and more with every passing shift.

    It was as if each shift were shitty-er than the last. Think of Ana, he would tell himself, think of the baby. Even that was starting to lose its effect on him. The Shake 'n' Grill was draining him. How are you going to pay for doctor's visits without this job, Christian? He had to tell himself.

    How are you ever going to be able to buy your own car? He walked the distance of the diner to the furthest booth in the back where he needed to deliver the two burgers. One was a chicken burger with lettuce and no cheese, just the salad. He wasn't sure why anyone would ever want a burger with just the meat and salad. It sounded kind of bland to him.

    The other burger was heavier. It was a double patty burger wrapped in beacon with double cheese and barbeque sauce. That was more to his liking and the smell of it made his stomach grumble. He approached the booth and found the red headed girl who approached him last week at work. Her name was Sarah or maybe it was something like Sam , he couldn't remember and truthfully, he didn't care. Sure, she was a cute girl with chipmunk like cheeks and a splatter of dark freckles thrown across her cheeks.

    She was dressed nicely in another floral dress, not unlike the one she had worn the other weeks with a white cardigan. It was possible that it was the same dress, but he wouldn't know. He didn't pay that much attention to her. Sitting opposite her, dressed in a red and blue letterman jacket with the words Trevelyan printed across the back in bold white letters was Elliot. Of course it had to be him. It was bad enough that Christian had to put up with him during the lunch hours at school, but he also had to put up with him at work.

    There was no escaping him. He didn't need to be asked who's was who's. He placed the plates down in front of the two of them. You might get tipped more if you showed it off occasionally". There wasn't much to inspect, all she ordered was the breast and lettuce. She slid the plate back across to Christian "I asked for just the salad".

    She pouted and crossed her arms across her chest, no longer looking like a sweet young girl, but instead an entitled brat "You have to take it back and make a new one. You have to listen to the customer". He looked as if he couldn't care less. He was too busy biting into his own juicy burger.

    Day One: An Unexpected Night in a Hotel

    If I were to take that burger back to the kitchen and tell them what you just told me, they would find it very disrespectful". I have heard some real horror stories of what they do to that food…". A small laugh came from Elliot. He tried to keep his lips shut and conceal it, but his shoulders shook with laughter.

    He bowed his head down and stuffed a load of fries into his mouth to hide the smile on his face. Christian shrugged his shoulders "I am simply informing you on what may happen if I take that burger back. It's up to you whether you want to risk it or not". She rose herself from the booth in a huff. Elliot quickly reached across the table and lifted her burger bun up.

    He grabbed his knife and began to scrape the white sauce off the bread and onto the white plate. Once he had scraped as much as he possibly could of, he placed the bun back on top of the shredded lettuce and fell back in his booth. The mayo is gone! As he munched down on the food, he said "Problem solved". Christian returned behind the counter and continued his work.

    More and more kids that he went to school with came through the glass doors of the diner, making more and more work. He shouldn't be complaining about more work, it was better than quiet nights when there was nothing to do but stand around. As he served the other customers, from the corner of his eyes he watched Elliot and his date.

    They didn't look to be talking much, if anything Elliot looked bored. He played with the salt packets as he tried to make conversation. He even ended up on his phone laughing about something at one point. The cute girl looked less than impressed. It was quite possible that he had found someone that he couldn't charm, or at least didn't want to charm.

    As his shift began to slow down and customers left the diner, his work load also came to a slow. His boss, Paul approached him as he stood by the counter with a bucket and mop in hand. He motioned it towards Christian, dumping it at his feet. Paul laughed from deep within his pot-belly. It made the fat on his cheeks jiggle. I am your boss. I've told you that you're on toilet duty and that's what you're going to do".

    Another deep laugh came from Paul's thin lips. You're on a roll tonight, Christian. Keep acting like this and I will put you on toilet duty for the rest of the week". If anything I was saving you money and helping your business". You might've saved me five dollars tonight but I've now lost a customer, and she will tell all her friends about it, so I'll lose their business too".

    Suddenly, all humour was lost from his face. He was a short man, no bigger than Ana or his mother, but he did not fear Christian. I have news for you son, you're not shit. You're not like the other kids you go to school with, not with your criminal record. You think you're going to be like them? You think that you're going to have a big fancy job in the city one day? You think that you're not going to be working shit jobs like this and cleaning up shit for the rest of your life?

    Paul laughed once more and kicked the bucket towards him. Christian glanced up from where he sat in the gutter. The cool October night air blew across his flushed skin, turning the tip of his nose icy.

    He didn't seem to care about the coldness. He sat on the sidewalk with his legs in the street and his knees curled up to his chest. His stupid Shake 'n' Grill hat sat in the dirty sewerage drain cluttered with leaves and mud. He wanted to burn the damm thing. Elliot Trevelyan came to sit beside him in the cutter with his equally as long legs stretched out into the quiet street. Christian opened his mouth to tell him to piss off, but found he didn't have the energy and honestly, he didn't mind the company, even if it were Elliot fucking Trevelyan.

    Elliot laughed "Am I just a man-whore to you? That caused Christian to smile. It was a sad smile that only tugged slightly at the corners of his lips but never fully reached his eyes. Elliot nudged his shoulders and asked "Why are you out here? He is right. I am not heading anywhere special anytime soon". I am lucky, though. I have the Trevelyan trust fund behind me. The minute I turn eighteen in January that money is mine". He turned to look Elliot in his baby blue eyes and found sincerity in them. There was no playfulness, no smirks on his face, he wasn't being the charming jokester that Christian couldn't stand.

    He was just being Elliot. I never really did. I only did it because my mum said it would help settle me and keep my mind clear. Now my father is using it as a way for me to get accepted to a good school. But, right now, I just don't care about school. I want to get out into the world and see shit, you know?

    You like having plans to stick to and staying on track. I am not like that. I don't ever want to be like that" He sighed "My plan is to travel for a few years and spend that trust fund. That's about as far as I can see in the future". I could never just get up and go, not now at least". We could backpack together. Work shit jobs on farms to make money. Stay in tents and hostels. Really, it wouldn't be that expensive". What do you say, should we take off the moment we get our diploma? I get it, she is a damm cute girl but there are plenty of cute girls out there. You don't have to settle on the first one you find, bro-".

    One Spring Night

    That shut Elliot up. For the first time in the four years that Christian had known him, Elliot Trevelyan was completely speechless. His blue eyes stared ahead as a range rover zoomed past them on the busy street before pulling into the car park of the restaurant. A bunch of rowdy teenage girls left the glass door of the building with their arms wrapped around each other. Though not complex performances, the four leads present their respective characters in a way that is far from one-dimensional. Hall brings a light-hearted, jovial spirit to the catty and tarty Joan, Bryant brings tenderness to the passively demanding Debbie, and Ealy brings an honest essence to the endearing but slightly misguided Danny.

    The cinematography is warm and inviting, allowing for the storyline to unfold in a natural way. This gives the characters space to grow, as their development is projected as a journey in time. Each scene is full of dialogue, creating liveliness throughout the film. Furthermore, the score throughout the film enhances the emotions and tensions between the characters within each scene. With a selection that includes the works of John Legend and Bruno Mars , this score sets an undercurrent of romance and soft love throughout the film.