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We are. We can be surrounded by all that amazingness, because that amazingness is us. I challenge you to be brave and embrace that creative muscle anyway you can. Strengthen it with your love and support and help others do the same. It is time to add colour to all our lives. We can do it. Start by letting yourself daydream again. Dream of possibilities of what you want to do and experience. Day dream of castles and unicorns and flying fish. Daydream of a unified and joyful planet. Let it bring you to life and open your heart to possibilities.

Dance, sing, draw and sculpt anything, even mashed potatoes; just for the sake of creating. Create with no expectation other than to see what will happen and watch it unfold. If it sucks in your opinion, great! Keep going; keep getting better. Then try something else you suck at.

Just create something that lets you feel and express your existence on this planet. It is an amazing feeling, a freeing feeling. Creatives will save the world because we will create the joy and solutions to every problem that has ever been created. We just need to engage and create in new ways and start to play with the idea of being free because ultimately that is what we are.

We are free to create. Creatives will save the world! If you want help strengthening and engaging your creative muscle please contact me through Barnacle Babes. I will be holding 5-week exploration course. Want to become eco-conscious and sustainable focused while still having an envy-worthy closet? We hear ya.

Follow our ten rules when becoming an Eco Fashion Warrior. Learn more about the brand and where they manufacture. Found those gotta-have jeans? Try searching for the same item second hand. Ask a friend if they want to clothes swap! In , my husband and I moved to sunny central Florida, to a retirement community called, The Villages. The main draw has always been the golf courses: now 11 championship, and over 30 executive courses.

Home prices range from less than K to over 1 million. There are also numerous recreation centers, where one can find a club for just about anything you can think of. There are several clay clubs in the Villages. A friend of mine told me about the sculpting club a few years back. She had just joined and wanted me to try it, so one day I went in and she gave me a hunk of her clay to play with. I started fooling around with the clay, getting a feel for it, remembering that the last time I had clay in my hands was in elementary school!

My first clay project was a silly round v otive burner. After that, since the motto in the Villages is to live here until you croak, I made an adorable frog, which also has holes in its body for a tealight to shine out. Making a clay project involves firing in the kiln, once after it is dry, and then again after you have glazed painted it.

That is what is so nice. Generally, people go in to work on their projects times a week for a few hours each time. Looking on Pinterest for sculptures, I found that the artist is Gaylord Ho.

About The Run

I was so impressed with the graceful flow of his work that I had to try it myself. I tried to make them very similar to his, but my Sea Nymph is more modest with one arm Over the next few years, I have continued to in- crossing her chest. Somehow it is easy for me to crease the difficulty of my projects. An early visualize where the muscles go.

She is holding a shell which I drilled a hole through The other one, Contemplation, was the most for the tubing that goes inside her body to the challenging of all my projects to date. She alfountain pump. No one in the sculpting group most had me in tears more than once. I had crehad tried such a project before. I look on Pinter- ated her body first, which was almost completely est for inspiration, and also in my travels, I find dry before I started making the blanket she sits sculptures that inspire me to try them.

Living in Florida there is a wealth of sticks as it dried further. Trying to get the blanseaside communities, with lots of cute shops… ket ends to match where her hands were was the which is where I saw a turtle swimming in the major problem. I would think everything was OK, waves sculpture, in a store window. That turtle and come back a couple days later and the blanwas all one color glaze. I found photos of sea ket had started shrinking as it dried, and nothing turtles and painted mine with watercolor type would be in place.

Now I have to repair the I have found that the more realistic the project is, arms, wait for them to dry enough, and try again. I was almost ready to throw hands. One is two hands holding together, which her into the trash, I was so frustrated. My fellow were made separately and then made to fit to- clayers encouraged me not to give up. I took her gether. I have two women sculptures that I found home to work on in my house, where I could be inspiration from in an art gallery in Port Canaver- there for more frequent adjustments, and finally.

I had fired the girl already, and worked on the blanket separately…. So, she sits with one arm hovering over that side of the blanket, but everyone thought it turned out better that way, as if she is reaching for that end. I learned a valuable lesson…. Persistence and patience is the key, and not to be hard on yourself if things are not working out as they should. I do want to try another one like this, to see if the lesson sunk in! I believe the key to keeping young is to continue to challenge yourself, both mentally and physically as we age.

My house is getting full of sculptures, a mini gallery of sorts, because I put so much into them that it is hard to think of selling them. There are other clubs I may join in the future, such as watercolor painting. Who knows, maybe I have another talent waiting to be discovered!

As children, our minds race with imaginary places, things and dreams of our future. As we get older and learn more about life, our imagination often dissipates and the space it once held is filled with responsibility and reality. Coloring just because is replaced with homework, emails and paying bills. Hobbies and activities help us find a creative outlet, but they are usually reserved for a specific allotted time or category, not spreading into other elements of our life.

During our in person or virtual shark lessons, we always ask students how they can help sharks. We get a lot of great answers like beach cleanups and posters, but we also get inspiring and super creative ideas. They suggest devices to protect sharks, ways to remove plastic and ways to teach others of sharks that are things I would have never ever come up with as an adult.

They also make incredible artwork, videos and posters. We have come up with a lot of new activities and crafts because of the incredible ideas students from around the world have shared with us. I work in the world of shark conservation and education and through years of experience and research I have formed my opinions, my goals and my actions. I like data and facts and work to teach others why sharks are not monsters, why they are in trouble and how we can help. My other work includes filming and photography, which can be extremely creative, depending on the specific job.

If I am shooting for someone else there are usually stringent guidelines, limiting the space for creativity. If I am just out enjoying the water and snapping pics, I love exploring new angles and ideas. I also look at the work our Sharks4Kids ambassadors do and am so moved by the incredible artwork and ideas they create. Artwork and crafts help the students express their ideas without the restraints of adult life, but can also teach adults an important lesson; conservation can be creative.

Yes, we need data, laws, enforcement and action, but we also need passion and creativity to ignite and inspire people to make a difference. I founded Sharks4Kids because I believe kids can make a difference and our goal is to create the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach and adventure. I am constantly using my experience and knowledge to develop new curriculum, new activities and new outreach approaches.

They are often very structured, but I feel like they meet our goals. Then, I work with another ambassador or even a student and I am blown away by the ideas they come up with. Working with students has opened my eyes to new ways of spreading our conservation message. It has reminded me to think outside the box and to be open to my own creative ideas.

Yes, a painting, a sculpture or a video can catalyze change and help create more ocean and shark advocates. It can change the way people see sharks, from monsters to remarkable and important creatures. It also helps people realize how each and every one of us can make a difference. We all have a voice and we can use it to speak up, no matter what form that voice takes. The sea will set you free Since ancient times, humans have assigned healing and transformational properties to water.

Whether it be oceans, rivers, lakes or even baths, immersing yourself in water would induce physical relaxation, mental stimulation and emotional release. Some even believe it can give spiritual cleansing or salvation. Plain and simple, water makes you feel good. Some recent public health studies revealed that art can positively affect your health and the ability to improve it. Any form of creativity that lets you express yourself in a tangible way from dancing to writing to pottery, or even knitting - can induce relaxation, stress, anxiety depression, and increase positive emotions.

So, if water and creativity are believed to induce healing and improve health, then combining the two would be the perfect cure, whatever the ailment. The ultimate combination? Surfers sometimes dreamily refer to a wave as a blank canvas on which they visualize drawing lines, creating a personal painting. Sometimes aggressive thick lines, sometimes merely flowing along on the ocean's motion but always dancing on water.

A sublime form of art in action. Instead of relying on pills, patients are stimulated to take to the water. According to participating doctors, the waves' activity would induce the release of negative ions, and induce the uptake of oxygen, resulting in better tissue oxygenation, improved sleep, a stronger tone and a better mood possibly a somewhat in ornate description for the scientist amongst us, but I'm trying to keep it simple. Logically, one would wonder: isn't this the effect of ANY kind of sport? Well, yes, but maybe there is an essential difference.

To have a better understanding of this, we need to go back to school. A water molecule, made up of one Oxygen atom and 2 Hydrogen atoms positioned in a triangular form is one of chemistries biggest riddles. Because of its geometry, it possesses special properties: the hydrogen parts of the molecule are positively polarized as opposed to the negatively charged oxygen, causing the molecules to be attracted to each other.

This electrical attraction is so strong it leads to the formation of so-called hydrogen bonds: imaginary connections between individual water molecules, continually breaking and reforming at very high speed. These bonds give water its many singular properties like surface tension, capillary action, a high heat of evaporation, a very high specific heat capacity and probably the most fascinating one of all, the formation of ice. The last two properties deserve some elaboration. Most normal substances will experience an increase in density as they transition from a liquid to a solid phase ' freezing' , making the substance heavier so it would sink when surrounded by its own liquid matter.

In water however, the hydrogen bonds prevent the molecules in the solid phase from packing together too tightly, allowing for a decrease in density. The result? Ice floats on water. This peculiar property is vital to life: it prevents water bodies from freezing completely from the bottom up and forms an insulation layer, allowing marine life to survive in subzero conditions, whilst allowing us to 'walk on water'.

Because hydrogen bonds prevent water molecules from moving too fast too soon when exposed to heat, water has the ability to absorb large quantities of energy before its temperature rises. Recent estimations by NASA scientists are that oceans can absorb one thousand times more heat than the atmosphere without experiencing large temperature increases, making it a perfect climate stabilizer. Maybe it's these properties that make water work wonders on us too by stabilizing the soul, and absorbing and desorbing our physical and mental energy, like setting a thermostat.

Anyone who has ever found themselves sitting on a beach staring at the waves has felt the irresistible attraction of water. Maybe there are constantly, yet subconsciously, millions of hydrogen bonds formed between us? In origin, all life comes from the sea, therefore we are all of the sea.

So maybe we will only find complete balance when we give in to this gravitational force by returning to the sea. So whatever the ailment, dancing on water is always a cure. Motion is lotion for the body and the soul. Whatever the problem may be you can always turn to the sea.

Love, Sarah. Here we are, struggling with finding ways to live in a dying world. Life is a game; play it. We have been faced with a particular series of challenges, and so we rise up, ready to meet our future with our bright ideas, our collective minds, and our expanding technologies. Yet we must not bypass the human element of our disaster, the very habits that guided us to our current state of confusion, doomed to turn into desperation.

When I examine humanity as a species, I find myself wildly fascinated. We have been given such powerful abilities, and it is how we choose to incorporate our gifts that interest me the most. We are all the creators of our own worlds and our own experiences. Yet most of us in the Western hemisphere find ourselves in rooms filled with generic plastic items, our eyes glued to a screen, programs with algorithms meant to distract us and keep our attention, and even to manipulate our behavior. We have been taught over the past several decades to endlessly and mindlessly consume, to collect, to hoard.

That is my ultimate quest. I once read a blog written by a man who swore that a human needed a minimum of items in order to survive and actually live life. He went on to share his journey, what items he selected for his journey, and how he came to make those particular choices. I am a seeker of true freedom, and in a world designed to alter our thought processes and habits, I will not sit back and be controlled, waste away, with my collection of prized possessions.

I made a conscious choice to pursue a more minimalist approach to living, and so began the purge of my things. I began by taking a rather thorough inventory of the things I had in my large two-bedroom townhouse. I had just ended a five year long relationship, and had been weighed down by commitments and material items for far too long, and it felt like the ideal time to free myself. I donated almost everything.

Beautiful furniture, dishes, paintings, clothes, books, and I even sold my brand new Jeep. I bought a Dodge Getaway van, moved into it, and my remaining items came with me. By this time, I had downsized significantly. And as I moved into my new home on wheels, I tried to keep a count of the items I carried with me, but I lost track after something. In fact, if you counted every single pen, sock, lighter, crystal, and incense I had chosen to keep for my journey, I must have had thousands and thousands of things.

I live very simply these days, most of my most cherished belongings must be the various plants and seeds and tools I keep with me, however, I am nowhere close to items, and the quest continues.

Atomic Blonde (2017) - Apartment Fight Scene (2/10) - Movieclips

I make lists, over and over, of my ideal combination of items, but still I find attachment to things and am not ready to part ways. I examine what it is I keep, what the uses for these items are, and what materials they are made from. Does an item have a purpose? How often do I use it? Do I need it? What could we have made or created ourselves?

While the DIY trend continues to surge as we flock to platforms such as pintrest, the bulk of North Americans continue to act as mindless consumers, hungry for the next bargain, for the most recent version, for the pair of jeans currently in style. My respect remains for the minimalists. What does it mean to be a creative consumer? While we recognize that we still have needs, and a strong will to fulfill certain desires, how can we create a regenerative system of existence? How can our generation shift the cultural approach we subconsciously identify with using our creative abilities to rethink what it is we value?

With over 7 billion of us occupying the planet, and counting, we must get a little bit more creative. A revised list of words that start with R:. Fuck that plastic straw.

Donate Items for Veterans

Carry your own bamboo, glass, or aluminum version. Refuse to shop and eat at restaurants and stores using plastic everything because it is the cheapest option. I challenge you to observe what it is you desire to have, possess, exchange currency and labor for. Do things with love. REPAIR: fix items, learn to take things apart, put them back together in new and creative ways, rather than throwing them out.

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Become a handy human. Share, create new items, be part of the gift economy. Inside all of us lies the great creator. In some, the creator lays dormant, while in others the creator is an endless eruption of colorful and effervescent flow. We can make all sorts of art, homes, and practical items out of old, recycled, salvaged materials.

We are entering a time where there will see undoubtedly significant shifts in the way we live, and we will need. Tiny homes built in strong communities, rather than extravagant 3, square foot single-family homes. What does a human truly need in order to live a happy, healthy, beautiful life? What tools and technologies work in our favor? What is it we will need to leave behind? And how do we do that in the best way possible? At Barnacle Babes, we aspire to highlight game changing brands who understand what it means to protect and implement safe practices to our environment, specifically towards the ocean!

What has inspired you to pursue a sustainable driven brand? Sometimes the universe sends you a big message that sets your life on a new path. For me, that message came in the form of a grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst. Up until the surgery, my life was a go-go-go circus with no clear direction. When I was forced to stop and recover, I was gifted with the most amazing thing: space. Have you ever tried to light a fire in a vacuum? The spark needs oxygen to become a flame. I wanted to create a brand that reflected my values of caring for our planet, as well as our local and global communities. I knew there had to be another way.

Armed with a squeegee and a sewing machine, I started printing and sewing my own pieces, selling them at local markets and online. What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a global brand. Tell us about Inner Fire and how the brand was conceived? Back in , I was working as a yoga teacher when I suddenly had to be rushed to the hospital for the removal of a giant ovarian cyst unbeknownst to me , which left me in recovery for 6 weeks. I had a lot of friends who. The first items I made were yoga props and meditation cushions. After giving some out as gifts, I had some people from my yoga studio ask if I could sell them some there.

I just followed the demand and started to make and sell yoga props, bit by bit. After selling a fair amount I decided it was time to call the company something. I decided to call it Inner Fire because the area of my belly where I had the cyst was the same area where the 3rd chakra resides. It is an area with fiery qualities that is responsible for passion, creativity and drive. I really felt like this fire got lit during those 6 weeks off. When I was back teaching, I started to brainstorm some cool yoga shirt design ideas that had been mulling around in my brain for a while.

I took a local screen printing workshop and then started to print my own shirts at home. I would wear them out and to class and had even more people ask me if I could make some for them. It grew very organically from there with local markets and online sales. The clothing side of the business grew so quickly that I decided to no longer offer the yoga props.

I had to hire printing help to keep up with demand and fulfillment. A couple years in, I had the idea to expand my product offering with a line of eco-friendly leggings, which took me a few months to develop. This was a huge turning point in the business because I finally was able to bring my passion for design and sustainability together. I started designing prints for the leggings, which were inspired by my love of nature and different cultures. The leggings were becoming really popular so I just kept on releasing new prints in addition to new shirt designs each season.

Where is the manufactured? We make everything locally in Greater Vancouver. Our cut and sew is outsourced to local factories and we still do our own screen printing in-house in our New West studio. Where did the sayings on the tank tops derive from? The intention behind our line of shirts is to inspire a sense of playfulness and positivity in everyday life. Although they are generally yoga-themed, a lot of the messages are universal.

Typically, inspiration comes to me during my yoga practice. I get a lot of inspiration through conversations with them and interacting with other yogis on a daily basis. How does the practice and movement of yoga inspire the cut, style, colours and prints of the line? To me, yoga, at its core, is simply the practice of being fully present and connected.

Practicing presence and mindfulness has changed how I interact with the world and how I create my art. I get my visual inspiration from everywhere. As for the colours, I try to design each collection with a cohesive look and feel. I want the pieces to work with each other to create a central theme. When I stop trying to strive for something or get into a pose and just allow myself to feel, then I gain a sense of presence and ease. Trying to force creativity has never worked for me. Inner Fire reflects healthy living, how do you choose the models to represent the clothing while keeping a positive image for young women?

The people you see in our photos and lookbooks are my friends or friends of friends and brand ambassadors. Before a shoot, I usually just reach out to my community and ask them who is around on that weekend. They are real, body-positive women who are badass, so of course I would want to feature them. How has the brand been impacted by the millennial market and online influence? I feel compelled to post about avocados and tacos all the time.

But in all seriousness, yes, we do take into account the way people and millennials consume media these days. We have learned the following: attention spans are about one nano-second, people like pictures and the more people upside down in your pictures, the better bonus points for flexibility. These are facts of life that we cannot ignore. Usually we respectfully decline.

The online influencer space is getting increasingly more fake and it is becoming harder and harder to sort through the noise and find the right people to represent the brand. When I first started, I thought it would be cool to get some awesome people in our clothing. Never did I ever imagine I would build a community of people who collectively are making a huge difference in the world they all each have amazing stories that we highlight.

Yes, millennials may be attention deprived and social media addicted, but. For us, ethics matter. If we can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment, then our being in business will leave the planet better off we hope, at least. I like to look at companies like Patagonia, who are leading the way in sustainable fashion. If big players like them can mould the industry into using more sustainable and ethical practices, then we can do our part too as the little guys.

The whole point of ethical fashion is to encourage people to stop consuming clothing that will be worn a handful of times that will end up in a landfill somewhere.

Help Care for our Wounded Soldiers

Changing trends encourages people to keep buying. I hope that people will start to see the impact the fashion industry has on the world and eventually learn to value quality over quantity. Vancouver is an athleisure haven. People love their stretchy pants! The typical Vancouver look for winter is layered sweater over a casual tee with a pair of tights and rain boots. A long coat is a must! What can we expect to see from Inner Fire? I hope to continue to build a strong team of conscious people who are aligned with our goals.

I want to expand my product line with some exciting new eco-textile technologies. Inner Fire Apparel can be purchased on their website:. Beckoned by the Sea: Women at Work on the Cascadia Coast presents a lively portrait of the Cascadia bioregion from the perspective of women who work in diverse occupations linked to the sea. For many of the women profiled, the call to the sea involves working in non-traditional marine trades. For others, the ocean provides a vital focus for channeling their talents as teachers, artists, scientists, caregivers, and community leaders.

Their stories and insights will bring this marine world to life for readers. Sylvia Taylor is an accomplished writer, editor, and educator. I smelled and tasted the salt water in the air. As I approached the tall green grass of the sand dunes, I listened to the screech of large white seagulls flying overhead.

Finally, for the first time, I saw the majesty that was the Atlantic Ocean. It was a cool April day and there were only a few people at the beach.

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I walked down to the shore with my mom. She sat and read a book. I stood near the briny water and watched the waves going in and out, touching the sandy shoreline. The waves were vivid shades of blue and green with white foam running over each one and it reminded me of bubble bath. Wave swells were long and high, similar to mountaintops. Seashells and rocks, all shapes, sizes, textures and colors, washed in and out with each wave.

My favorite shell was white, like snow, and a rock I found was black, like onyx, each unique. The sun glistened over the ocean. The reflection of the sky upon the water took my breath away. I walked along the soft velvety sand. The cool water brushed against my feet. The pale-yellow sun felt warm on my face and the air was brisk. I found a quiet place to sit and observed the waves. As I sat and watched, I realized that my thoughts and feelings drifted in and out with every breaking wave.

Meditating over each swell that broke in front of me, I felt the ocean take my emotions and put them into perspective. I felt sad and one of the waves took my sadness to a big wide open space that I could no longer reach. I felt better after sitting for a while. Thoughts of happier times rushed into my head with each wave that hit the coastline.

The waves got stronger as the day went on and my fears and anxieties were washed away. I felt renewed. Here, at the ocean, was my escape from the world. The sun started setting.


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