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See you there!! And on the next 2 days, we had workshops with her at the Vittoria District Community Centre. What fun! Bethany uses all hand dyed fabric in creations. Her colour sense is wonderful. And all the colours go together! We poured on Procion MX dyes from jugs and squished colour around, experimenting as we went.

Just look at that lineup of colour! On Wednesday, we switched gears completely and used gelatin plates for printing on fabric or paper. The most well known brand of these plates are Gelli Plates. Here is a link to their video on printing on fabrics. We used both paper and fabric for our printing. Bethany had lots of things to help with adding texture. Bethany was a great teacher and teaches many other workshops.

Maybe she should come back………. Did you enjoy our meeting with Bethany Garner? You can read more about her on her blog and follow her on Facebook as Lise Garner. Were you inspired by the small art quilts Bethany brought? Who is interested? Please let your executive or program committee know if you are! Here are some links from our meeting on Monday. Our speaker next meeting is Bethany Garner from Kingston. Come and see some art quilts and learn about dyeing your own fabric.

Starts at It is a great way to get to know other members. It is attached as a PDF. If you are interested in making a quilt for Marguerite to take to Mexico next winter, why not try it. You can use any fabrics you have on hand. Civil War fabrics will make a serviceable quilt.


With step by step directions for using the Procion MX dyes. Have you ventured over to 2F yet? I've never seen anything like that giant caterpillar up there. The way it moves is pretty adorable, though, isn't it? Seems like the daggone thing's got no interest for getting into battles, so if you stay out of its way you shouldn't have any trouble from it. Shit, who said 3F was a breeze? Why didn't anyone tell me that a Charging Boar gets stronger when it eats a Rabid Acorn!? Better watch your back, Charging Boar. Next time I'll take out the Rabid Acorns first!

Hey you. Yeah, you. Over here You the guild name Guild? Name's Hansuke the Informant --an info dealer. I sell intel on monsters and the conditions you gotta meet to make them drop rare materials. For example, Ice Bats drop rare materials if you kill 'em off with a stab attack , like with a bow and arrow.

Got it memorized? Don't worry, this tip's on the house. To prove I'm legit. Gotta develop a trusting relationship if we're gonna be business partners, y'know? I'll keep up-to-date information on everywhere you go. So if you ever need tips, I'll be right here.

New adventurers? Well then, let me give you some advice--even if you don't want it, ha! You've come across those next-level nightmares in the forest, right? Like those horrifying caterpillar-looking monstrosities. They might stay gone once you defeat them, but after a few days a new batch'll show up in the same spot. New bugs, same turf, same toughness. Better brace yourselves and get back in the fray! You're the guild name Guild, right? You seen that monster on 3F?

You know, the one with an owl face that chases after you if you wander too close. I managed to get by it using my map. Felt like the star of a suspense story the whole time. Shit, who said 4F is easy to get through? What's the deal with those weird primates? Nobody warned me it could Copycat even a Roper 's fusion!

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Goddamn apes. Next time I see them, I'll take out the Roper first so they can't use Copycat! I saw the biggest goddang lobster monster you ever seen on 4F! Maybe it was protecting its turf? It kept wandering between the water and dry land over and over.

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It didn't seem to have much interest in me, so you should be able to skirt on by if you keep an eye on where it's going. Sure would be something to eat that big ol' lobster, don't you think? Damn Earthlains , always making fun of me Just yesterday, I was jumping up to reach some fruit, and an Earthlain came by and plucked it out from under me.

Over me? To make matters worse, they just handed the thing over to me with a nice smile! I couldn't stop myself from saying "thanks"! I don't need some Earthlain's pity. I just need their height! Shit, who said the 1st stratum was a breeze once you reached 5F? Goddamn Colossal Roper threw goddamn acorn monsters at me! If you run into any, I suggest you defeat the acorn monsters first, or guard against them.

Hey, guild name Guild. Some other adventurers told me there's a giant scorpion on the 2nd Stratum. They say it's got a real narrow field of vision, though. Can't see a thing that's not in its direct line of sight, and it's always moving about. But if it finds you, it'll chase you until it loses track of you. Must be one relentless 'rachnid.

Is it asking so much that it consider OUR feelings a little? Cheesy creasy, I didn't anticipate such a tough fight. Figured it be just like a mole, but bigger. But when it burrowed underground, nothing we did hit it. And when it finally popped its head back up, we got the hurt laid on us. Had to cast sleep, panic, and leg bind to stop it from digging. Barely made it out alive. You guys hear of the guild name Guild? They're apparently some hotshot new outfit that can't be stopped. We're not half as talented as they are, soo we just stick to handling herb-collecting requests. Still, I'm totes jealy.

I'd do anything to be the center of attention just once! Are you adventurers, by any chance? Then you've surely met Lili by now. Even though she has her own responsibilities, she still takes on more requests from the townsfolk and the Council than most guilds.

An Early Run-In With Censors Led Rod Serling to ‘The Twilight Zone’

Such a good girl. If only my daughters followed her example. They don't help out at the shop at all. All they care about is playing outside Hey there, guild name Guild. You seen that giraffe-lookin' beast with the feral eyes? According to another adventurer, it dashes back and forth and attacks anything that gets in its way. As long as you stay out of its path, though, it won't attack you. I guess the super-long neck makes it hard to see what's around it. Still, I can only imagine what the view is like up there. You won't believe what I've heard! Someone spotted a monkey monster with a big ol' nose!

Apparently, if you wander into its territory, it'll knock down stone pillars and even chase after you. It you're not careful, you'll wind up badly injured by the falling pillary. That probably applies to the monkey, too, though. We got cocky. When I came to, my friends were gone, and I was buried under their mangled remains You won't believe what I've heard!

Someone spotted a monkey monster with a big ol' nose! Apparently, if you wander into its territory, it'll knock down stone pillars and even chase after you. It you're not careful, you'll wind up badly injured by the falling pillary. That probably applies to the monkey, too, though. We got cocky. When I came to, my friends were gone, and I was buried under their mangled remains That elephant beast It's on a whole 'nother level Every last adventurer working together in Iorys together couldn't defeat it Now, every time I touch my sword that monster flashes before my eyes.

My days of being an adventurer are over I'm so sorry, everyone. Damn Therians , always making fun of me Just yesterday i was running from a rock slide when a Therian picked me up with one arm! They tucked me under their arm and said, "Good thing you're so light! I'm not! Damn, I don't need some Therian's pity, I just need their height! Ha, ran into another tricky monster. This time a huge parrot. We attacked it while it braced itself, but then it retaliated something fierce.

I guess parrots mimic attacks the same way they do words! It didn't react to magic attacks, though, and seemed particularly weak to volt. Maybe that's your best course of action.

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Good grief, I never thought I'd come across a violent gorilla just wandering the labyrinth. A friend put it best: It may be slower than most other monsters, but it's tougher, stronger, and way crazier. Maybe we should've tried blinding it? I bet binding its arms would've helped, too. Damn son, the forest is unforgiving. I am but a poor bug catcher now, but I have a dream of one day collecting every last insect in the labyrinth and compiling them into a book! Did you hear? The guild name Guild passed the Master Exam! I'm so jealous! I want a legendary title!

Something like Gorgeous Deluxe Bomber!

whatever it takes the twilight guild Manual

What do you mean it makes no sense? Ugh, coming up with a legendary title is hard. The 3rd Stratum? From what i understand, some big war happened there long ago, and now the dead still haunt the place Someone as easily scared as me couldn't set foot in a place like that. I envy you adventurers and your ability to brave such dreadful places. I heard adventurers from the guild name guild are going to the 3rd Stratum soon. I wish I had even a fraction of their courage You must be the adventurers that passed the Master Exam.

Not to downplay your accomplishment, but as one who's visited the 3rd Stratum several time, would you like a few pointers? Do you know of the Skelesword? Should you wish, I can teah you what little I know about its ways. Ah, the guild name Guild honors me with its presence. Do you wish for me to teach you the ways of the Roaming Wraith? I'm told Lili and Solor are frequently seen in the 3rd Stratum. I hear they're looking for something. Maybe it has to do with t he deranged monster lurking deeper within the area?

Nothing but rumors, anyhow--all uncertainty and hearsay. You know what is certain, though? How much this drink hits the spot. I baked all these sweets to thank Miss Lili, but she's no where to be found What should I do? I know! Maybe I should offer my sweets as a reward for whoever finds her!

No, no, that's not a good reward Where could Lili have gone? I want to help look for her, but I can't get very far into the labyrinth. Besides, the rest of my guild in't here yet!

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So there's nothing I can do even if I wanted to. Damn it! Please be okay, Lili Ah, the guild name Guild honors me. Have you chanced upon the Headless Hunter? I can teach you its ways, if you wish to learn. Damn Celestrians. Always making fun of me Just yesterday, I was taking a rest when a Celestrian came by and took a nap while hugging me! They mumbled something about me being "the perfect size" and then fell asleep! What am I, a body pillow!? Well, I'm not! I don't need some Celestrian's pity, I just need their height! Miss Lili came back!

She ate all my sweets, and she thanked me! I'm just so glad she's okay! I'm so glad Lili came back safe and sound. I'm also glad she seemed so happy. Now if only I had the courage to actually talk to her Hello again, guild name Guild! Would you mind telling me what it's like? Large crystals you say, huh? Well, if that's true, I bet the monsters there are bothered by the same blocked passages as you. Some monsters might wander farther once a new path opens up. Maybe that'll give you a leg up as you work your way through?

Hey, did ya hear? There's some super strong adventurers exploring the shiny caves!